About us

At Roddo Plumbing, we take pride in our customer service.

Below is a small sample of the many comments we have received from our customers...


“We are very happy with Luke’s work and Roddo Plumbing is definitely one of our favourite contractors”


“Very efficient, hosted a party for 100 people, sewer blocked and overflowed, Roddo Plumbing was there within half an hour at 9pm at night to fix the problem. Excellent customer service”


“Great communication skills, Roddo Plumbing cleared a blocked drain in my backyard using CCTV and jet blaster. I was given a copy of the video and was explained in detail the problems and how they were going to be resolved”


“I have used Roddo Plumbing on several occasions and always feel that I can trust that the pricing is both competitive and fair”


“Luke worked night and day to finish my bathroom as we needed it up and running straight away, a fantastic effort”


“Roddo Plumbing always looks professional and is always on time”


“A dedicated and decent guy who will bend over backwards in order to get the job done”


“Luke has proven to be highly skilled and obviously has extensive amounts of knowledge about his work”


“There isn’t a tool Roddo Plumbing doesn’t seem to have”


“We were particularly impressed with how Roddo Plumbing always used necessary safety equipment and ensured the site was safe for other trades on site as well as the owners, it was a piece of mind as we have young children and the site was our backyard”