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Roddo Plumbing - Picton

Roddo plumbing truckThe plumber in Picton and the surrounding district who is professional, reliable and trustworthy and who is on time - every time!


To owner Luke Rodden, being the professional plumber Picton residents turn to first is extremely important. And that professionalism is notable from first contact.


The team at Roddo Plumbing will listen carefully to what you need done and based on years of experience will offer the best solution for the fairest price.


We have all the equipment required to clear drains fast including a CCTV, jet blaster and excavator.


cctv drain cameraCCTV: this closed circuit television camera shows us exactly what we are dealing with when it comes to blockages in pipes and sewers. A tiny camera at the end of a tube is inserted into the pipe until the blockage shows up on a TV screen. This then allows us to see the problem and to then come up with a long term solution. A copy of the video can be provided on a USB.


Jett Blaster: A high pressure hose with 4300 PSI which can easily cut through tree roots. In the majority of cases a jet blaster can flush away the blockage using this powerful stream of water. It is environmentally friendly and efficient and has the least impact on a home or workplace.


Excavator: In the more serious blockage situations, like tree roots or a pipe collapse, an excavator makes it easy to reach the affected pipe to make the necessary repairs. It is useful for both the big and small jobs Roddo Plumbing is called to.


Roddo Plumbing will always be there at a time of emergency, offering the entire range of residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services.
So you can rely on us to be the plumbing company who won't disappoint.

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Ask around and you will soon discover we are the recommended plumber around Picton and wider region. Click here for more about us and customer testimonials.


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